From Chores to Solutions: ExtendMe Makes Networking Powerful, Fast and Easy

Network feeling like a chore? 

ExtendMe uses AI to analyze your connections and suggest personalized actions. Forget generic birthday greetings – ExtendMe tailors them to strengthen bonds. Focus on what matters, not who to message next. 

Stuck on a problem? Need a helping hand? Our AI connects you with the perfect network of experts to solve it. No more dead ends, just solutions at your fingertips. 

Try ExtendMe – your network manager, on autopilot.

AI recommendation

Strengthen bonds in clicks! ExtendMe's AI suggests personalized daily actions, saving you time and effort.

FAVOR Introduction

Level up your network! Trade favors on ExtendMe, get introductions & build stronger connections.

1 on 1 favor

Stuck? ExtendMe's AI connects you with experts to solve problems - together!

Personalised AI

AI that clicks! ExtendMe learns you, suggesting effortless ways to connect with everyone.